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The Search for the Dragonballs (episodes 1-13)

Episode 1- Goku is first seen and is introduced. Goku later meets Bulma (getting hit by a car) and takes her to his place. Bulma sees that Goku has a Dragonball and shows Goku her two Dragonballs. Bulma later tells Goku about the Dragonballs and gets Goku to come with her in search of the others.

Episode 2- Goku and Bulma take some time to rest and later they meet a lost turtle. Bulma gives the turtle some salt water and Goku decides to take the turtle back to the sea.

Episode 3- While Goku and Bulma are taking the lost turlte to the sea, they meet a guy who wants to eat the turlte. Goku beats the guy and continue's the journey. Goku and Bulma finally make it to the sea and the turtle tells them to wait. The turtle leaves and comes back with Master Roshi. Master Roshi gives Goku Flying Nimbus and gives Bulma a Dragonball. Goku and Bulma then continue there quest for the Dragonballs.

Episode 4- Goku and Bulma meet Oolong who can change his shape for 5 minutes. Goku and Bulma help get back the girls Oolong had taken and gain another Dragonball.

Episode 5- Goku, Bulma, and Oolong go to the desert where they meet Yamcha. Yamcha gets hit by Goku, but comes back even stronger. Goku is tired and hungry and cannot fight any more. Yamcha comes at Goku full speed until he sees Bulma and stops. Yamcha is too shy and leaves.

Episode 6- Goku and Bulma stay in Oolong's place (a double decker). Bulma takes a shower and has no cloths. Oolong gives Goku and Bulma a drink to put them to sleep and later when Yamcha comes in looking for the Dragonballs he finds Bulma naked. Later, Yamcha decides to get over his fear of girls and beat Goku, but instead later gets beat by Goku and is still shy in front of girls. Yamcha then decides to give Goku, Bulma, and Oolong a car in order to track them down to all of the Dragonballs after their car was blown up by Yamcha. They then decide to go to Fire Mountain for another Dragonball.

Episode 7- Goku, Bulma, and Oolong make it to Fire Mountin and try to get to the castle where the Dragonball is. They meet the Ox King and Goku fights him. Goku can't beat him, but the Ox King knows the power pole belonged to Master Gohan. The Ox King then asks Goku to help him put out the fire so he can return to his castle. Goku then later leaves to find the Ox King's daughter Chi Chi and Master Roshi to help put out the fire.

Episode 8- Goku finds Master Roshi and asks him for the fan to put the fire out, but Master Roshi threw it away. Master Roshi then asks Goku to ask Bulma to go with him for a walk around his island and he'll put out the fire. Master Roshi then goes to put the fire out himself. Later, Goku tells Bulma about the deal and after awhile Bulma finally agrees to walk with Master Roshi. Master Roshi then goes and put's the fire out with a kamehameha wave. Master Roshi ends up destroying the Ox King's home, but Bulma gets the Dragonball from it. Bulma later gets Oolong to change into her and walk with Master Roshi, but gets in trouble for what he does acting like Bulma the wrong way.

Episode 9- Goku, Bulma, and Oolong go to a town where a gang named "The Bunny Rabbit Gang" are. The two gang members begin to mess with Bulma and Goku beats them up. The gang members then call for their boss. Their boss can turn anyone into a carrot if anyone touches him. Bulma touches the rabbit named Monster Carrot and is turned into a carrot. Goku later gets beat up with Bulma now a carrot and Yamcha decides to help. Yamcha and Goku get Bulma back and Goku later beats Monster Carrot with his power pole. Monster Carrot then gives up and turns Bulma back into a person.

Episode 10- Goku, Bulma, and Oolong gets all but one Dragonballs stolen from them by the emperor. Their car is blowned up and later Yamcha decides to give them a ride. They all go to the emperor's place to get the Dragonballs back, but are later trapped.

Episode 11- Goku and the others are traped in Emperor Pilaf's trap. Pilaf puts them to sleep and gets the dragonball from Goku. Goku and the others later wake up to see the door to the trap open. They leave and find Pilaf. They chase him and end up running from a giant pinball. They later in back up in the trap they were in before. Pilaf begins to make his wish with all of the dragonballs in his possession. Goku does a kamehameha wave and puts a small hole in the wall. Oolong and Quark transform and go to take one of the dragonballs. Pilaf then begins calling he dragon.

Episode 12- Emperor Pilaf summons the eternal dragon and begins to make his wish. Oolong then comes as Pilaf is making his wish for a pair of underwear. The dragon then turns back into the balls and scatter all over the world. Goku and the others are then chased by dogs, but are later captured. They are put in a room so that when the sun rises they will fry to death. Goku tells the others about the monster when the full moon comes out and the monster who killed his grandpa. Bulma then warns Goku not to look and the moon, but Goku looks. Goku then transforms into Oozaru and thrashes Pilaf's castle. Yamcha and Quark later cut off Goku's tale and turn him back to normal. Goku remebers nothing and everyone goes their own ways.

Episode 13- Goku tells the others about the monster when the full moon comes out and the monster who killed his grandpa. Bulma then warns Goku not to look and the moon, but Goku looks. Goku then transforms into Oozaru and thrashes Pilaf's castle. Yamcha and Quark later cut off Goku's tale and turn him back to normal. Goku remebers nothing and everyone goes their own ways.

The 21st Tenkaichi Budokai (episodes 14-29)

Episode 14- Goku meets Krillin and they both go out to find a girl for Master Roshi so he will train them.

Episode 15- Goku and Krillin bring Master Roshi a girl who whenever she sneezes her evil side comes out and vise versa.

Episode 16- Goku and Krillin begin their training. They have to search for a rock.

Episode 17- Goku and Krillin continue their training. They both have to deliver milk.

Episode 18- Goku and Krillin complete their training after moving a big rock and later go to sign up for the tournament. Yamcha completes his training and saves Bulma from a moving bus. Later Goku, Krillin, and Master Roshi meet Yamcha, Bulma, Oolong, and Quark at the sign up station for the tournament.

Episode 19- The tournament qualification rounds begin and Goku and Krillin make it to the finals for the part of the tournament where they fight with the crowd watching.

Episode 20- Goku and Krillin win their fights and advance in the tournament.

Episode 21- Nam wins his fight and advances.

Episode 22- Yamcha losses his fight against Jackie Chung and Jackie Chung advances.

Episode 23- Goku has to fight a dinosaur guy named Girun and when he does Goku knocks him out of the ring, but Girun can fly. Girun traps Goku in some purple rubber stuff and throws Goku out of the ring, but Goku is saved by Nimbus. Goku is told that the judges will allow it, but only that one time. Goku's tail grows back and Goku regains full strenght. The Girun is scared and forfeits the tournament.

Episode 24- Krillin fights Jackie Chun and both of them move at great speed. Jackie Chun later sneaks up behind Krillin and knocks him out. Jackie Chun wins the fight and advances.

Episode 25- Goku fights Nam and learns (extremly quickly only by watching) Jackie Chun's speed technique. Goku gets hit with Nam's greatest attack and is seemed to be knocked out cold. Goku gets up on the ninth count and is ready to fight Nam. Goku later tricks Nam and knocks him out of the ring. Nam later meets up with Jackie Chun who helps him. Nam relizes that Jackie Chun really is Master Roshi, but has to keep it a secret. Nam gets water for his villige that he came from, helps Jackie Chun (Master Roshi), and leaves for home. Goku and Jackie Chun then prepare to fight.

Episode 26- Goku fights Jackie Chun (Master Roshi) an they both put up a good fight. In the begining of the fight Goku gets knocked out of the ring, but uses his tall to fly like a heilicopter. Goku and Jackie Chun then both do Kamehameha waves at each other which earns up as a draw for that. Goku later tricks Jackie Chun by his speed and hits Jackie Chun hard. Jackie Chun then later does the mad cow technique in which Goku gets beat up. Goku then does the crazy monkey and gains the upperhand.

Episode 27- The fight between Goku and Jackie Chun (Master Roshi) continues. Jackie Chun puts Goku to sleep, but Bulma wakes Goku up by calling for dinner. Jackie Chun can not find a plan to beat Goku and he uses his last resort. Jackie does a move that defeated Goku's grandfather Gohan. Goku is shocked with volts of electricity, but Goku sees the moon and transforms into Oozaru. Goku trashes the place and goes wild. Jackie Chun then powers up and does a Kamehameha wave at full power. It looks like Jackie used the Kamehameha wave to destroy Goku.

Episode 28- Everyone thinks Goku is dead, but Jackie Chun shows everyone that Goku is still alive and that he blew up the moon. Goku gets some cloths from Krillin and the fight continues. Jackie and Goku are too tired to do energy blasts and quick speed, so they fight regular martial arts. Goku and Jackie fight hard and Jackie relizes that if he doesn't win quick he'll be too tired to fight at all. Jackie and Goku charge at each other kick each other in the face. They are both counted out and it is made that the first one to get up and declare that he is the winner wins the tournament. Goku gets up and almost says the whole sentence, but falls back down. Jackie Chun gets up and says it and wins the tournament. Jackie later changes back into Master Roshi and they all go out to eat.

Dragonball Z

Episode 1 - Five years have passed since Goku defeated Piccolo and peace seems to run throughout the land. Something crashes in a nearby farmer's field and the farmer goes to check it out. The farmer finds that it is a spaceship and sees someone step out of it. The farmer shoots at the person (Raditz), who then plucks his bullet back at him. Raditz then uses his scouter to find someone by the name of Kakarot (Goku). Goku looks for Gohan who loses his hat in the woods after a tiger takes it from him. Gohan later ends up falling into a river where Goku has to rescue him. After Goku gets Gohan's hat and Gohan, they both then get ready to go to Master Roshi's island. Raditz follows his scouter and ends up running into Piccolo. Piccolo blasts Raditz with all his power, but it does nothing to Raditz. Raditz then prepares to blast Piccolo, but picks someone else on his scouter who he believes is Kakarot. Raditz then leaves to find out if it is him.

Episode 2- Goku and Gohan meet up with Master Roshi, Krillin, and Bulma. Raditz shows up and tells Goku that he is his older brother. He also explains to Goku where he really came from and why he was sent to Earth. After Raditz is shocked that Goku has no memory of his true name, place of birth, or his mission to destroy all life forms on Earth, Master Roshi tells Goku the story about him falling off a cliff and hitting his head as a baby after his Grandpa Gohan found him. Raditz hearing this understands why Goku can't remeber and offers to reunite him with the two other saiyans (Vegeta and Nappa) so the four of them can take over a planet. Goku refuses Raditz's offer, so Raditz then knees Goku in the stomach and takes Gohan.  Raditz then tells Goku that he wants him to kill 100 people by the time he gets back if he wants tio get his son back safe.

*NOTE*- Raditz tells Goku that 3 years ago a meteor hit planet vegeta, thus destroying it and all saiyans on it. Later on in DragonballZ we find out that planet vegeta was shortly destroyed after Goku was sent off as a baby. This is an error in the script editing when we find out what really happened to planet vegeta in the "Freeza Saga" and the DBZ movie special "Bardock".

Episode 3- Raditz tells Goku that he wants him to kill 100 people by the time he gets back and then flies off with Gohan. After getting himself together for a while, Goku plans to take on Raditz with Krillin and Master Roshi's help. Before they are ready to leave, Piccolo shows up and tells Goku that the only way to beat Raditz is for both of them to join forces. Goku decides it's their best option and the two of them leave off to fight Raditz. While Raditz waits, he puts Gohan into his space pod. Raditz's scoter then picks up a power level of 710 that points to Gohan. Raditz thinks the scoter is broken until he sees Piccolo and Goku after the scoter picks them up. Raditz is shocked of Gohan's high power level at such a young age. After Piccolo and Goku remove their weighted clothing, the two fighters face off against Raditz.

Episode 4 - Goku and Piccolo fight against Radditz and Piccolo ends up losing an arm.  Piccolo tells Goku that he has been working on a new technique (Special Beam Cannon) and they both come up with a plan to stop Radditz.  After Piccolo misses Radditz with his Special Beam Cannon,  Radditz begins to use his technique Double Sunday.  Radditz is stopped before he can perform his technique when Goku grabs his tail.  Radditz tells Goku that all he said about destroying all earthlings was a lie and that he didn't mean it.  He also promises that he'll leave Earth and never return.  After Goku lets go of Radditz's tail, Radditz elbows Goku in the face and begins to prepare to blast him.  Before he does, Gohan breaks out of the space pod with a high power level.

Episode 5 - Gohan, enraged with anger, smashes into Radditz and stuns him greatly.  After his attack Gohan can't remeber what happened and is now afraid of Radditz.  Radditz then knocks Gohan out and prepares to kill him, but is stopped by Goku when he grabs Radditz.  Piccolo then charges up his special beam cannon and blasts Radditz and Goku together.  Piccolo tells Radditz that Goku will be back after being wished with the dragonballs, but due to Radditz's scouter having a transmitting device he is sure that too more saiyans stronger than him will come looking for the dragonballs.  The other two saiyans (Vegeta and Nappa) hear about the dragonballs and decide to set out for earth so that they may wish for immortality with the dragonballs.  Krillin, Master Roshi, and Bulma arrive in time to say their final goodbyes to Goku.  Goku then dies and his body disappears with him.  Piccolo says that the guardian or earth, Kami, must have something special planned for Goku.

Episode 6 - Kami asks King Yama to allow Goku to seek training from King Kai.  Goku is allowed and begins his way down "Snake Way".  Piccolo takes Gohan for some special training so that Gohan can be able to control his powers when the saiyans arrive.

Episode 8 - Gohan is still stuck on top of a mountain while Krillin still tries to tell Chi Chi what has happen. Krillin, too afraid to tell, leaves back to Master Roshi's Island. While there, Yachi Robi tells Krillin that Kami asks for him, Tien, Choatzu, Yamcha, and himself to come to Korin's tower for special training. After he leaves, Chi Chi and the Ox King show up. Master Roshi then tells them about Goku and Gohan. Night has passed again and Gohan is still too scared to come down the mountain. While on top, Gohan looks up and sees a full moon. By doing this, he turns into a giant ape (Oozaru) and starts destroying everything. Piccolo notices that it is the moon that gives him this powers, so he then blows up the moon in order to turn Gohan back. Afterwards, Piccolo gives Gohan new clothes and tells him (while Gohan is asleep) that he will come back for him in six months and then flies away.

Episode 195- Goku and King Ki go to see the Grand Ki. King Ki runs into West Ki (another Ki) with Pikkon. After a while of argument Grand Ki comes out and tells Pikkon about Cell and the others causing trouble. Pikkon leaves and Goku leaves also to help fight Cell, Freeza, King Cold and the Ginyu Force. Goku beats the Ginyu Force with no problem and Pikkon knocks Cell, King Cold, and Freeza out so quickly. Cell and the others are locked up.

Episode 196- Goku meets other fighters from the North quadrant like himself and races with the East Ki. Goku then later fights in the tournament and advances to the next stage.

Episode 197- The tournament continues. Goku defeats aqua and advances. Pikkon defeats Olebru and advances.

Episode 200- Gohan goes to school and before he gets there he transforms and stops some bank robbers. Gohan later makes it to school and meets with Videl (Hercule's daughter) again who then thinks Gohan is the "Golden Fighter". Gohan later plays baseball, but doesn't control his powers like he's suppose to and almost blows his cover.

Episode 201- Gohan goes to Bulma's house and gets a suit made for him. Gohan wants to use the suit to fight crime. Gohan later meets some crazy drivers, but stops them. Gohan calls himself "The Great Saiyaman". Gohan goes back home in which he meets up with Goten. Later in school Vidal gets a call on her watch about some hijackers and goes to stop them. Gohan leaves off to the same place as Saiyaman. Vidal stops the men, but the bus goes over a cliff. Saiyaman saves the people on the bus and leaves back towards the school.

Episode 202 (skipped)- Gohan changes back from Saiyaman on top of the school's roof and then relizes that a girl named Angela is standing facing him after he does it. Angela later blackmails Gohan to go out with her or else she'll tell everyone his secret. Gohan agrees, but late in the day a fire breaks out and Gohan has to leave to save Videl. Afterwards Videl catches up with Gohan and Angela sees Gohan talking with her. Thinking Gohan ditched her for another girl, Angela tells Videl Gohan's secret. Gohan is then relieved after finding out that the secret was that he wears teddy bear underwear. Angela couldn't see Gohan when he changed because she didn't have her contacts in, so she only recongnized him when he got close up to her.

Episode 203- Videl tries to catch Gohan (Saiyaman) and find out his true identity. Later in school Gohan later goes to help Videl fight some guys after making the school shake. Gohan saves the Mayor and when he goes to help Videl, he sees that she has it under control. Videl thanks Gohan (Saiyaman)and tells him that she will find out who he really is.

Episode 204- Gohan (Saiyaman) saves a baby dinosaur, but is thought of as a theif. Videl tries to fight Saiyaman and Saiyaman doesn't want to fight her. Later, the baby dinosaur parents come and get mad. Saiyaman tries to tell them to stop without anyone knowing his real identity (Gohan knows the dinosaurs very well and they can recognize his voice). The father dinosaur prepares to attack Videl, but Saiyaman stops him and gets cut on the face. Saiyaman then flys with the dinosaurs back home. Gohan is late to class and meets Videl in the hallway. Videl takes of Gohan's band-aid and finds out that Gohan is really Saiyaman and the son of Goku. Videl then tells Gohan to enter the tournament or she'll tell his secret and to teach her how to fly. Gohan agrees.

Episode 205- Gohan has to enter the tournament because of Videl and Vegeta also decides to enter the tournament. Goku then tells everyone that he gets a day on earth and he'll enter into the tournament also. Gohan later goes out with Goten to train for the tournament.

Episode 206- Gohan goes to train and brings Goten along with him. Goten keeps distracting Gohan and then later on after many interruptions Goten sits down quietly. Gohan later asks Goten to help him train with him by throwing rocks at him. Goten throws a rock and Gohan is surprised at Goten's strenght. Goten asks Gohan is it ok for him to go golden like him and Gohan laughs. Goten then goes super saiyan and Gohan is shocked for him to do it at such a young age. Gohan and Goten then train, but Goten can not anymore because he can not fly. Videl comes over and asks (more like tells) Gohan to teach her how to fly. Videl then gets in an argument with Chi Chi.

Episode 207- Gohan begins his teaching on learning how to fly to Videl and Goten. Goten already knows how to use his energy and so he leaves for a while while Gohan shows Videl how to. Videl learns how to after trying for some time and then she has to learn how to control it. Goten and Videl later try flying and Goten gets the hang of it and starts flying, but falls. Videl gets the hang of it and levitates herself for a little while. Gohan tells Videl that she should get her hair cut so that it doesn't get in the way when she's fighting. Videl leaves and comes back not too long gone with her hair cut and ready go.

Episode 208- Everyone gathers for the tournament and gets ready to sign up. Gohan tells everyone to not go super saiyan at all. It could cause a lot of trouble for them. Goku later makes it and meets Goten for the first time. Goku and Goten play around and everyone goes to sign up for the tournament. Goten and Trunks have to fight in the junior league because their under 15 and not old enough to fight in the adult league.

Episode 209- Everyone signs up for the tournament and goes to the punching machine to get a score for qualification in the tournament. Hercule scores an 137 and all of the Z fighters score more making sure not to get a too high of a score. Vegeta comes up to the punching machine and holds nothing back. He destroys the punching machine into nothing but small pieces.

Episode 210- The Junior League begins and Trunks defeats his opponent with no problem and advances.

Episode 211- Goten and Trunks advance to the finals and fight.

Episode 212- Goten and Trunks continue their fight and Trunks wins the Junior League tournament.

Episode 213- Trunks fights in an exhibition match against Hercule and knocks him out of the ring into a wall. The Z fighters then later meet Shin and Kibito.

Episode 214- Trunks and Goten take one of the adult fighters cloths and go to enter into the adult competition. All the fighters gather for the adult competition and pick their number for their oppenent they will fight first in the tournament.

Episode 215- Krillin defeats his opponent with no problems and advances. Piccolo has to fight Shin, but forfeits because he senses his power.

Episode 216- Videl fights Spopovitch who no matter what moves she hits him with, he gets back up. Videl later kicks Spopovitch in the head and makes his head spin backwards. Spopovitch falls down, but gets up shortly and corrects is head. Videl later flies up to see Spopovitch fly up to get her.

Episode 217- The fight between Videl and Spopovitch continues. Spopovitch blasts Videl and beats Videl REALLY bad. Videl doesn't want to give up, but all she is doing is getting herself hurt. The fight later stops when Yamu tells Spopovitch to stop playing and win the match because they have more important things to do. Goku then goes to see Korin for some sensu beans for Videl amd Videl is hospitalized.

Episode 218- Goku returns with the sensu beans for Videl and Gohan gives them to her. Videl is 100% well and Gohan goes out to fight. Kibito tells Gohan to go super saiyan and after a while Gohan decides to do it and prepares to go super saiyan.

Episode 219- Gohan gets his energy absorbed by Spopovitch and Kibito. They both leave and Shin and the Z fighters go with Shin. Kibito restores Gohan's energy and they leave to catch up with the others.

Episode 220- On the way following Spopovitch and Yamu, Shin tells the Z fighters about Babidi, Babidi's father, and Majin Buu. They make it to Babidi's hideout where Spopovitch and Yamu give Babidi the energy. Babidi then kills both of them.

Dragonball GT

Episode 1 - Goku and Uub train on top of the lookout while Emperor Pilaf and his gang try to take the dragonballs. Pilaf ends up summoning Shenron of the black star balls and by accident wishes Goku to be a kid again. Goku is then transformed into a ten-year-old and is warned about the power of the black star balls by King Kai, Dende, and Mr. Popo. Goku goes off to show and tell everyone what has happened to him when he then runs into Pan and Master Roshi during a bank robbery. Pan breaks from her date and beats up the robbers to later find out that her grandfather is now a little kid. Goku gets home to tell everyone what happened to him when he is contacted by King Kai again. He tells Goku that if the black star dragonballs are not returned to Earth within a year, the planet will explode. Everyone then prepares to find a way to save Earth.

Episode 2 - Trunks skips work, Pan is angry that no one wants her help, and Bulma works on a spaceship that can go search for the black star dragonballs. Two guys try to kidnap someone Bulma knows in order to get a ransom. They end up kidnapping Goku (he really kind of goes with them) and tries to threaten Bulma and Vegeta to pay the ransom. They both knock off the ransom as some kind of joke. After spending so much money on feeding Goku and later seeing Goku fly off and bring back a telephone booth, the two kidnappers decide to forget the ransom and leave. Trunks, Goten, and Goku prepare to leave to go search for the black star dragonballs. Pan sneaks aboard before Trunks and Goku get on and activates the spaceship to take off into outer space before Goten gets on. An electronic chip falls down from the spaceship and Bulma gets a worried look on her face after picking it up.

Episode 3 - Trunks and Pan argue with each other until one of the stabilizer jets fall off of the spaceship and Trunks is forced to make an emergency crash landing on a planet called Imeka. After getting ripped off of money while searching for parts for the spaceship, Trunks, Pan, and Goku go to a hotel to stay in. While in their room, they realize that they are being tolled for every little thing in the room. Trunks, Pan, and Goku leave without paying and later run into a family. After finding out that the planet is being ruled by Lord Don Kee, Repo-Robots come and take the family's house due to unpaid rent. Later in the day time Trunks tries to use the dragonball radar. He drops it after being startled by a robot named Giru who eats the dragonball radar. While chasing Giru, the gang sees that their spaceship is being towed away.

Episode 4 - After watching their spaceship get towed away, Goku tries to use instant transmission in order to get to their ship. After failing twice, Trunks comes up with the conclusion that maybe Goku is unable to preform it due him never doing it as a child. Goku, Trunks, and Pan then sneak in to try to get their spaceship back. A can hits Pan on the head and the three of them are almost caught, but Trunks is able to keep Pan quiet before they are noticed. A rock then lands on Trunks head causing him to fall backwards onto Giru. Giru then makes a loud beeping noise which gives away Trunks, Goku, and Pan's position. They then move in to get the spaceship and take off in a vehicle with it. Gale and Sheila try to stop them, but Goku uses a kamehameha blast to stop Gale and Sheila's blast. While Lord Don Kee makes plans on capturing Trunks, Pan, and Goku, Trunks tries to fix the spaceship. Trunks then finds that he needs some parts and the three then go into town. When they reach the town, everyone runs in fear away from them. The gang then sees wanted posters with there faces on them. Trying not to be spotted, the three of them hide when Gale, Sheila, and a military crew start searching for them.

Episode ??? - Baby is hidden within a young boy and comes up with a plan to try to take over Pan, Goku , or Trunks body.  Baby later takes over a doctor's body and lures Trunks into a trap.  Goku and Pan show up just in time to stop Baby, but Baby creates a powerful blast that ends up cutting Trunks.  Baby then gets inside Trunks through his cut and attempts to kill Goku, but is stopped by Trunks.  Trunks then powers up and Baby cannot withstand Trunks power and gets out of him.  Baby then runs away and gets inside a woman boarding a plane, where he then consumes everyones energy on the plane.

Episode ???- While Goku, Pan, and Trunks continue their search for the dragonballs, Baby searches for the saiyans on Earth so that he can acquire their power. While on a date, Gohan runs into some people controlled by Baby. After beating them up, Baby reveals his true form.